Mark 11:12

The Ministry of Jesus



"…seeing in the distance a fig tree" Mark 11:12 



On the surface it may seem like just another bad day to you. But Jesus sees matters quite differently. He has tasted our pain, weariness, hunger and thirst. He is no stranger to struggle. When we tell Him our troubles, He knows what we mean. And more importantly, He understands the cause.


The withering of the fig tree was not a meaningless exhibition of power. Jesus didn't wander about blasting fruit trees just because there was no fruit at the moment. Nor was it a metaphor for emptiness of the religious system of the day. Instead the only destructive miracle Jesus ever performed was a purposeful act, teaching a deep spiritual lesson.   


There is a spiritual conflict in this world, and it affects our everyday life. The entire world is tainted by sin, including the natural order of creation. Everything, including famine, earthquakes and rain storms are a result of the curse of sin. Jesus’ miraculous ministry included the expectation of creation being restored to its created order. The barren fig tree represented fallen creation’s resistance to the Messiah. But when Jesus speaks, creation has to listen. Through the ministry of Jesus, the curse on the cosmos is cursed and the rule of God is established.


Read in this light, the cursing of the fig tree takes on new meaning. Fruit trees that failed to give fruit were considered to be under the curse of sin. The fruitless fig tree is a proto-type for the future blossoming of creation coming from the rule of Jesus, the Messiah. 


Jesus’ entire ministry was about reversing the work of the enemy, bringing about the Kingdom of God and restoring humanity. This is the same ministry He passes on to His disciples today. Jesus leverages the cursing of the fig tree to teach us the importance of faith and prayer.


Faith and prayer are our primary weapons for overthrowing the opposition we face every day. Jesus makes it apparent that faith not only has the power to wither a cursed tree, but it also can move mountains and bring answers. 



Join Jesus in His ministry.