Mark 10:45

Jesus’ Swagger



". . . the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, . . ." Mark 10:45



Ego is the enemy of discipleship. Discord had crept into the company of disciples. The self-seeking of James and John created resentment among the rest of the disciples. They were afraid of losing something they wanted for themselves. There's a lot of swagger in these disciples which needs to be relieved. We need to check our own heart to examine our self-seeking motives.


Jesus took the opportunity to teach them a profound lesson – that the way to greatness is through service. We should follow in His steps and give as He gave. We have to carry on His work in the way He loved and served. There is also another side suggested by the words of the text, though not seen on the surface.


The Son of Man came not that we might minister to Him, but that He might minister to us. It's possible that we can be so taken up with serving Him that we forget to pause to let Christ do work in us. He is the giver of ability. The Son of Man came to minister, so let Him minister. It's His pleasure to serve, let Him serve. It's His joy to give, let Him give. 


There's a part of us that would always like to be working for Him. Receiving the ministry of Jesus in our life requires that we be broken of our self-sufficiency, to realize the barrenness of our own soul, confess our need for Him, to let Him take us, feed, save and keep us, and to be willing to take all He is as a gift, and be humble and receptive to His ministry. Our service depends on His service in our life.


No one can understand the cross like the one who has received the cross. There is a living connection between one’s heart and the heart of Christ. It's hard to understand the atonement as just a worker, but seen from the inside, it becomes salvation. Love cannot be experienced solely in service, but by receiving Jesus’ love, a whole new world becomes ours.



Rid yourself of your swagger and sit with Him awhile, let the Son of Man serve you.