Mark 10:32

The Road of Risk



“. . . and those who followed were afraid.” Mark 10:32



Fear is common to us all. It’s not difficult to understand the fear of those who followed. It was a fear of the unknown, fear of the future, fear of the untried. It would have been so much easier and pleasant to remain in Galilee, instead of taking the hard Jerusalem road. Why take the road of risk? 


There’s only one answer; it’s the way Jesus went and it’s the way His disciples must go. The way of progress, the road of redemption, calls us to press through the fear we feel and follow anyway. If we are not to spend our days splashing around in the shallow end of life, we must take the tide that leads to deeper waters.


None have ever taken the road without some mixture of fear and exhilaration. Fear is common to us all. Even our Lord, before embracing its finality, shrank back from the cross. We are all explorers of our destiny. All of life depends on our being ready and willing to follow, even in the face of fear.


We are assured that Jesus goes before us, leading us into a new existence, teaching us to think more of the prize than the pressure. The nameless fear which oppresses us, consciously or unconsciously, at one time or another clouds the spirit of everyone.


We must not let the fear trick us into thinking God has abandoned us. We must believe that, with every step we take, it’s not for nothing, we are leaving Galilee. We leave behind the things once so easily accepted – out-worn customs, illusions, shortsightedness, wrong thinking and blindness. The comfort being, every fear is undone in the presence of Christ.


The single danger of the fear we face is ceasing to follow Him. Those who followed faithfully in spite of their fears, came back to Galilee and all its old, happy trappings, but they came back with a new understanding of their Lord. They came back to a Galilee redeemed and transformed. 


And that is the result of change. We may not like it, or understand it, we may fear it and yet, we must never believe that safety lies in holding back. We are not meant to be fear free, but to keep on following. The Savior of our soul is out there on the hard, high road moving steadily on and if we are to know the truth, we must try to keep up.



Will you stay behind or go? You can’t have both.