Mark 11:11

What Would He See?



"…when He had looked around.." Mark 11:11



It was just a matter of minutes when the path turned upwards as Jesus walked. At thetop of the hill the holy city burst into view. There with the whole city before Him, Jesus’ heart broke as He wept. The Lord of the universe cried with a loud, deep sorrow. Jesus saw a proud, unrepentant city. 


This is an unforgettable picture; Jesus standing in silence looking at the city as if it were rising from a deep pit. He could see the Temple with its great tower, framed by the gardens and suburbs. He was not impressed.


Jesus saw the Roman soldiers marching through the city streets flaunting their power. He saw the crooks in the temple selling their wares. He saw a widow putting her whole living into an alms box. Jesus saw everything--everything through childlike eyes. Nothing was ever hidden from Him.


His disciples, though, were in awe of the city like country boys come to town. In total wonder they spoke, "look what wonderful stones and magnificent buildings." Without missing a beat, Jesus judged the stones and buildings "Not one stone will be left on another."


What would Jesus see if He viewed our city?  He would see the great and humble soul who quietly serves without a shred of notoriety. One who lives in unbroken faithfulness and unbridled generosity. He would also see broken homes, secret betrayals and deep corruption. He would see good people, whose cruel indifference enable the exploitation of the innocent. If Jesus came to our city, could we bear such scrutiny?


If He came to our city, how much is there in our city that we would be proud to show to God? What would cause Him to weep? His tears are no trivial thing. The tears of Jesus reveal the infinite value of a soul--your soul. He always weeps over the souls of the lost, the least and the last.



If your life were a city, what would Jesus see in your future?