1 John 3:1

Can You See ME?



“Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God! . . .” I John 3:1



Can you imagine falling in love with someone who constantly pointed out what you did wrong or sent the message that you were never good enough? Can you imagine trying to love someone who barely noticed you, never seemed to pay attention to you, or was always too busy to talk with you? It would be hard to love anyone in a relationship like that. The same is true in our relationship with God. It’s extremely difficult to love a God whom we believe is examining us, disappointed in us, or whom we believe is not interested in our lives or doesn’t seem to notice.

God wants us to have an accurate view of Him because He loves us and wants us to see Him clearly. He wants us to see Him clearly so that we’ll be free to love Him and others. One of the ways we can see God more clearly is by reflecting on Christ’s encounters with people. Because we know that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, we can rest assured that Jesus relates in the same ways with us.

Imagine the scene in Mark 10 when Jesus interacted with children The news had spread about the Teacher’s amazing miracles, so crowds of people flocked to see Jesus on this day. Groups of parents had even brought their children to Jesus. When the disciples dismissed the children as unimportant, Jesus spoke up for them, defended them, and prioritized the children. The passage tells us that Jesus took them in His arms and blessed them. And what was also amazing . . . the One who was most qualified to talk to the kids about their behavior, didn’t. The Master Teacher didn’t have a sermon and didn’t share a lesson. He simply accepted and affirmed the children for who they were at that moment. He smiled at the children. His eyes glistened with approval and then reached out, put His arms around them, and spoke words of blessing for their future. Aren’t you glad we have a God like that?



God, thank You for prioritizing me just like You did the children. Thank You for accepting me, affirming me, and praying for my future. Help me to see You more like the children saw You that day. Amen.