John 13:34

Craving Attention



“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; As I have loved you, . . .” John 13:34



We all have a need for attention. God created each of us with a need to sense that others care and demonstrate concern for us. We need other people to express genuine interest in the things that matter to us. Just like we need air, food, and water, we need other people to “enter our world” and meet our need for attention.

Jesus confirmed our need for attention in many ways. First, Jesus often ministered to large crowds of people, but he also took time to show attention to specific individuals, including Nicodemus, the lame man at the pool, the woman with the issue of blood and Bartimaeus. God continues to demonstrate His care and concern for each of us by giving us His undivided and unlimited attention when we speak to Him in prayer.

Scripture also tells us that God knew each of us in the womb and He knows our innermost thoughts. He wants to spend time with us. God thought it was important to know what it’s like to be in our world because Jesus left His incredible mansion in heaven to enter our world and live here on earth. He wanted us to know that being a part of our world is a priority to Him.

Think about the people who are in your life right now. Who might benefit from receiving your attention. Meeting someone’s need for attention might look like:

  • Spending time with a person so that you find out about their struggles and dreams;
  • Entering another person’s world – being involved in their interests; or
  • Being a listener who gives good eye contact, shares feedback and hears a person before responding.


I think ____________________ ( a specific name) could benefit from my attention this week. I plan to give him/her attention by_________________. God, thank you for entering my world. Help me to do the same for others.