Mark 11:2

He Uses the Unlikely



“. . . you will find a colt tied there, . . .” Mark 11:2



Jesus chose a colt to make His entrance. A military evader would have ridden in on a war horse. But Jesus rode on an uncombed, unkempt colt. Jesus meant His choice to show us His methods.


Think of the striking contrast between the horse and the colt. One is trained, the colt is wild and shaggy. One accustomed to the roads, the colt is stubborn, filled with fiery energy. One was safe, the other unbroken-in and unpredictable. 


He surprises the world by the servants He chooses – the shaggy, fiery, unbroken-in instruments for the advancement of His kingdom. There were others better trained, more polished, respectable and safe. But Jesus is interested in possibility.


He didn’t want servants who were broken “in,” He wanted servants who are ready to break “out” on a dead world that must be won for heaven. His was a daring choice to make. There were times where it looked like it was a bad choice, times when their stumbling and stubbornness broke the Redeemer’s heart. 


He chose to sit on a colt that day so disciples would remember His ways. Jesus sits on the unlikely so He can do the unexpected. We must never mistake His success for ours.


Think of the triumphal entry from the colt’s perspective. Do you think the colt said to himself, “Look, all these people cheering for me and throwing palms before me. I must be really special. I wish my donkey friends and family could see me now. They really love me”? Hardly, what the people loved was what was sitting on the colt.


This is a lesson for every disciple. The thing that makes you special and usable is not your talent or charm, it’s the Spirit of Jesus sitting on you. If you’ll remember, it’s about Jesus, He will ride you into destiny. If you won’t try to take credit for the work of Jesus in your life, He will sit on you. In your service, stay humble and remember you’re just the ass He rode in on. 



Are you taking credit for God’s work in your life?