Mark 11:9

Punctuation Marks



“. . . shouting: Hosanna! . . .” Mark 11:9



See the exclamation point there just after the word “Hosanna!” The exclamation point is the only possible punctuation for this word of welcome and praise. 


Jesus had been greeted with a question mark, “Where did this man get this?” “Is this not Joseph’s son?” His true believers placed a question mark next to Him as well, “Are you the expected one or should we look for another?” Politicians did too, Pilate said to Him, “So, you are a king?” The world has many question marks about Jesus, “Is He really the only Way?” “Did He rise from the dead?” “Is He the Son of God?”


But, there at the gates of Jerusalem, there were only exclamation points. One of the greatest journeys one can ever make in their faith pilgrimage is to move from a question mark about Jesus to an exclamation point about Him. That journey can’t be made by thought alone, it must be made by action. 


When we follow Him in obedience to His ways, our punctuation marks change from “Are you?” to “Hosanna!” 


Be careful that your “Hosannas!” are not forgotten in the following weeks. It’s easy to spread our garments and palms of adoration at the feet of our King when the crowd is with us, but the real battle is when we go out into the world among others who don’t care to worship Him. Among those who feel no connection with His interest, we will be tempted to turn on Him and be unfaithful.


It’s easier to cheer for Christ than it is to obey Him. It’s easy to be caught up in a moment of spontaneous enthusiasm, exhilaration and zest, but it’s obedience He asks for. If He is King and we celebrate Him as such, then we should be giving Him our unhesitating allegiance in faithful service.


It’s simple, unhindered obedience Jesus wants. Remember His words, “He who keeps My commandments is the one who loves Me.” 



Are you giving your loyalty to Him? Do you sing “Hosanna!” on Sunday, then by your actions say, “I will not have this Man reign over me and tell me what to do”?