Mark 11:1-10




Mark 11:1-10 (savor each word of the story)



Breaking and entering. There’s a crash, a thud, a door is kicked in, a window is broken, the intruder is in and out before you know it. Jesus had lived and ministered in quiet remote areas, He made special effort to not draw attention to Himself, but now things are different.


The holy city rang with news of His arrival. There was not one house in Jerusalem in which the entry of Jesus was not known or talked about. It’s not for nothing that Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem is told in all four gospels. It should be obvious to us, the reader, that this scene in the earthly life of Jesus was meant to be seen, noticed, contemplated, and studied.  


The conventional picture of Jesus is one of a gentle, meek, mild and sentimental figure, fit only for poetry and paintings, but unfit to deal with the rough reality of the world. Jesus’ entry has all the force of a breaking and entering. Jesus is the sternest realist who ever lived. He injected hard truth in a world ruled by illusion. He’s not the pushover we imagined Him to be.  


Pushovers take the weak way out, they attempt to build a life of security by means of hate and revenge. They try to bring about peace through greed and power. The passing parade of powers that be, attest to the truth that no one can build a foundation except that which is laid in Jesus Christ. He simply rides in as Rightful King.


Jesus breaks and enters into the borderland where our reach exceeds our grasp. Where our search to find fulfillment in material things is futile. Where our chronic dissatisfaction with ourselves, our undeniable sense of constantly missing the mark, tears at our soul.


Jesus is breaking the stranglehold of self-defeating selfishness. Jesus enters in, showing us the life we are meant to live and the possibility of forgiveness and a life made new. The Rightful King calls us into a new way of life. 



Has Jesus ridden into your life as Rightful King?