Mark 10:50

Wild Hope Wins!



"And throwing off his cloak, he jumped up and came to Jesus." Mark 10:50



Sometimes in the midst of extraordinary situations, we make fools of ourselves. And Jesus loves when we do. The blind man turns out to be the best example of a true disciple, because wild hope doesn't play it safe, it's not afraid to believe. In Bartimaeus, we see the ingredients of wild hope:

  • He knew he needed Jesus' help;
  • He persistently called on Jesus;
  • He knew Jesus owed him nothing;
  • He believed Jesus was the Messiah;
  • He leaps at the chance to be close to Jesus;
  • He asks boldly for what he wanted;
  • He had faith in Jesus only; and
  • He followed Jesus, became His disciple

Bartimaeus is a perspective picture of impulsive faith. It's violently active, it springs and jumps into action. Bartimaeus did not carefully fold his garment, place it neatly aside and ask someone in the crowd, "Hey would you watch my stuff? I'll be back in minute.” No! He threw it away and leaped to his feet and was following ferociously after Jesus.

Such a response is what we need. A wild hope which hears Jesus calling us to Him. We are too careful, cautious and calculated about going all out. We like to look before we leap. More often than not, after we look, we don't leap at all. 

There is a stark contrast between the beggar and the rich young ruler. The beggar leaves behind his coat and coins to follow Jesus gladly. And the rich young ruler turns away sadly. The beggar was destitute, the young ruler had all the advantages. They both felt the love of Jesus. The tragedy of the young ruler is that when Christ loves someone, there is no guarantee that one will love Him back, much less follow Him.

The blind man didn't care about his garment. He forgot it; he was caught up in wild hope and great trust. The call of Jesus causes wild hope to leap in the heart. Wild hope is never satisfied with just being blessed and returning to the ordinary. Wild hope gets going following Jesus. Wild hope never leaves us as it finds us. Wild hope wins!



Are we so careful and calculated with our interest that we miss the joy of discipleship?