Mark 10:48

Sit Still, Look Pretty



“Many rebuked him telling him to be silent, . . .” Mark 10:48



The rebuke comes from the crowd and not the disciples. Throughout history the crowd always has the same stock answer for anything genuine or out of the ordinary, “get out, this is our parade not yours,” “be quiet, sit still, look pretty.” It’s a callous thing to say, but crowds are that way, they are intolerant, emotional and capable of heartless and cruel things. They like hanging out with the public Jesus, associating themselves with the new popular Teacher and future King.

The interruption irritated them. They were interested in Jesus, He was the big draw, the focus of attention. This unimportant beggar, pushing his insignificant self into the center stage, was a nuisance. They responded with stony indifference and they commanded him to be quiet! The crowd is focused on commercializing Jesus, using Him for its own agenda.

If you listen closely, you can hear the same rebuke in our world today. The crowd reprimands the needy for bringing their troubles to Jesus. “Quiet down now!” “Can’t you see Jesus is speaking!” In their massive ignorance, they cannot see that affliction and need have anything to do with Jesus. They are preoccupied with the ambience of Jesus, something that never mattered to the Messiah.

As poverty stalks the land, unemployment goes up, the value of human life goes down, people live in spiritual darkness and cry out. The stiff rebuke of the world comes, “Be quiet, there’s no use to cry out to Jesus.” While all the voices of the world push us away, Jesus stops and says “Call him.” He demonstrates that human need is His business. It still is today.

What a remarkable skill the crowd has for missing the spirit of Jesus. How can it be, while standing there in the excitement and rush of the moment, seeing what He cared about, and hearing His words fail so tragically to understand Him? The answer is simple, as His disciples, we do it every day. These verses are a mirror. Look into it.



Are you pushing someone away from salvation either by your actions or words? Don’t be part of the crowd.