Mark 10:47

Wild Hope



“. . . he began to cry out . . .” Mark 10:47



Who would have ever guessed that destiny would come so close in this passing of Jesus and that He would pass through every age, offering life wherever He went. This blind man was determined not to lose his chance.

In the insistent cries of Bartimaeus, we can hear a man saying over and over to himself, “Here’s my chance, Jesus is here maybe He . . . .” He takes swift action to jump at a chance of a lifetime. His action was not born out of a considered faith, his action was one of wild hope.

The presence of Jesus always triggers wild hope. During His ministry as He passed through towns, hope spread throughout the region; hearts were awakened by a sudden unbridled possibility of newness. The presence of the One who can lift life out of defeat has come to people even when they could not see Jesus clearly, a wild hope drew them to Him.

A wild hope that things can be different, the human spirit cries out, “Perhaps He can heal my mother,” “Perhaps He can make our little boy walk again,” “Perhaps He can deliver my son from torment,” “and just maybe, He can, in His mercy, give sight to this blind man.” Wild hope works differently, some took a chance out of desperation and brought their lives to Him. Other times, it was a volcanic experience erupting and throwing aside limitations and grasping for eternal life. While for others, it was the result of a slow process of nurturing truth.

Wild hope is a response to the compassion and power of Jesus. Don’t limit the ministry of Jesus to the roads and regions where He lived and traveled. Jesus is here now! Extend His ministry to the towns and city streets of today until it becomes a road encircling the globe.

Always at the center of wild hope is Jesus, that the adventure of bringing one’s life to Him is worth the risk in order to find He is our salvation. As long as this is the message of His disciples, the church lives and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. 



Jesus is passing by, reach out to Him with wild hope.