Mark 10:21

Look and Love



“And looking at him, Jesus felt love for him, . . .” Mark 10:21



This young man had a real desire to know God, he had kept the commandments Jesus had been quoting. If his obedience had the slightest trace of insincerity or self-sufficiency, it would have provoked disgust in Jesus. Instead, it awakened the Lord’s deepest love, Christ looked at him and felt love for him.

There are few words more touching in all scripture. The young man’s zeal to seek God resonated with Jesus. He had the very same zeal, only without sin. Jesus looked at the rich young ruler with the same love as when he called Peter to be a disciple. With the same love He had towards John, Jesus’ friend among friends, the one whose heart beat more passionately than with all others He had loved. 

Of only one seeker in the gospels it is written that Jesus loved. He was not a bad man, nor was he a Pharisee; he was a principled man. Why did Jesus love the rich young ruler? 

He was irresistibly attracted to Jesus

He ran towards Him, gushing with admiration exclaiming, “Good Master!” His confession was courageous and discerning. He was not afraid to recognize Jesus in a culture and class that scorned and hated Jesus.

He understood the importance of the commandments

He was drawn to the high call of keeping the great points of the law, he refers to the second half of the Decalogue, he confesses he kept them all from his youth. He was so sure of himself and his ability to do whatever good deeds were pointed out to him.

He was dissatisfied with himself

He had done his best making every effort to live ethically, but he had not succeeded to live up to his own expectations. He had developed great, moral ability to love, but did not have the heart to do so. He was discontented with who he had become, realizing he needed to grow.

Jesus finds beauty in us even before we open our life. He looks at us with love, He sees our enthusiasm, zeal and passionate endeavors to know Him. He knows there’s one thing we lack, the gospels call it faith. 



Is your faith in your self-effort, or is it in Jesus?