Exodus 4:3

Open Your Hands



“He said, ‘Throw it on the ground’ . . .” Exodus 4:3



No matter your occupation there will come a time God will say “Throw it down.” Not to resign your work, but to see what’s in your work. It’s a snake if you’re living for it, if you’re caught up in it, if you are depending on it, if you are using it for yourself, you will be bitten by it. The same holds true – maybe especially true – with regard to ministry. 

Moses had been a faithful shepherd for forty years. Here, God makes it clear that nothing could compare to an empty hand open, and lifted to Him. It’s at the outset of this monumental ministry to which God is calling Moses. God said, “I must be your passion – not service, fame, talent, abilities; not your spiritual gifts or titles. Nothing must take the place of an open hand, an open heart to embrace Me personally.”

Maybe you’ve been forced to throw down some skill , calling, or position you were good at, gifted for. Don’t despise this, for now say, “Lord, now that I don’t have that in my hand anymore I’m rediscovering it’s not doing something for you that I crave, but simply You. I’m not looking for an opportunity to show off or prove how talented I am. I’m just wanting more of You, to be closer to You.” No wonder it had to be pried out of your hands, it’s a snake, and once your heart knows this, you are in a position to pick it up again.

God tells Moses to grab it by the tail, as if to drive home the point, “now that you see it’s not a priority, pick it up, only this time by the tail.” It’s not going to have priority in your life, it won’t be the thing that drives you. No longer will it be the head; it will be the tail. 



Take a moment to list all the things in your life you are thankful for, let your heart be reminded that the people, talents, opportunities are all from God, ultimately they are His. Now dedicate them to Him for His cause, His purposes, and His use. Notice how you handle them differently now that you know they are God’s.