Exodus 4:2

What’s in Your Hand?



“What is that in your hand? . . .” Exodus 4:2



To the ones who have thought of being used by God, only to have second thoughts, “If I try to serve, people won’t respond.” “If I try to lead my family spiritually, they won’t listen.” “If I work in a ministry, I’ll make a mess of it that stuff is for others, not me.” 

To all of our doubts, God asks a question – the same one He asked Moses, “What’s that in your hand?”

If you’ve wondered how you can serve God, how you can be used by God, take a look at what’s in your hand. God gave you abilities that are waiting to be activated. You are already doing that which He will energize and empower for ministry. 

What’s that in your hand? A stethoscope? A drill? A football? It’s that He will use. What’s that in your hand? has always been the question that led to discovering the call within the answer.

“What’s that in your hand?” God said to David. “A harp,” said David, and God said, “Then that’s what I’ll use, you will lead my people to know how to experience my presence.” “What’s that in your hand?” God asked Moses. “A shepherd’s rod,” Moses answered. Then said God, “I will use you to shepherd my people to freedom.” “What’s that in your hand?” Paul said “A pen.” “Then I’ll use that,” God said, “You will write great portions of My word.” “What’s that in your hand?” Peter said, “A net, I’m a fisherman.” “I’ll use that,” said God, “You will be a fisher of men and haul people into the kingdom.” 



What’s in your hand?