Exodus 4:12

Okay, You Go



“Now go, . . . and I will teach you what to say.” Exodus 4:12



From Israel’s perspective, there was no sign that God had noticed the oppression of Israel in Egypt until hearing their cry. It’s the painful cry of the slave community that gets God’s attention and draws Him into active intervention.

God will act decisively on behalf of Israel. God speaks of their pain in first person tense “I know,” “I’ve seen,” “I have come,” and “I will send.” It appears that God Himself will march right into Pharaoh’s court, but instead God says to Moses ”OK you go”. It’s Moses who will go, it’s Moses who will take the risk, who will be point man in Pharaoh’s presence.

People are God’s plan. Circumstances are changed by people who hear the heart of God and carry out the will of God, and in this case, it’s Moses. There’s no doubt that God will be fully present with full power, just as He promised He would be. God’s commitment and engagement are present, but carried out through Moses. God is engaged, but not without Moses.

On the surface, it seems that Moses is on his own before Pharaoh. Moses many times would feel like he was by himself. What we, the readers of the text, can see is God is with Moses. This is the way God intends the story to play out; God is hidden, while Moses is visible. 

Moses is fearful and aware of his weaknesses, but speaks on God’s behalf. This is the dynamic which grows Moses’ confidence in the presence of God. God places His people in circumstances where they have to feel the fear and do it anyway. 

The Exodus story is an example of the way God brings freedom, though people. People are God’s plan. God’s presence, plus His people, make a pathway to freedom. Somewhere in this city there’s a person, a family, caught in circumstances they can see no way out of and you are God’s solution. Like Moses, feeling unsure and unqualified, you have to be willing to say to God, “ OK I’ll go”, I’ll carry out Your will.” What if Moses had said “no” to God? The fate of Israel would be vastly different. What if you say no to the thing God is calling you to do?



What excuses have you been using to avoid God’s will for your life? Why not surrender them today?

Who around you needs you to be the solution to their problem? Will you feel the fear and do it anyway?