Mark 4:40

In the Boat



“. . . how is it you have no faith?” Mark 4:40



God uses strategic circumstances to show us we have a way to go in our journey of faith. If only the disciples could have seen that with Jesus resting in their midst, they were perfectly safe in the storm.Their waking Him reveals how much their relationship with Him still needed to progress.

Who can blame them for being afraid? After all, they were experienced fishermen who were well acquainted with the weather patterns of lake Galilee. If they, being experts, recognized the need to panic, the storm must have been severe. What made it even harder for the disciples was a carpenter, a land man, their friend was ignoring the extreme danger of the moment.

What caused them to panic and scream at Jesus for neglecting their safety by sleeping during a dangerous storm? Was it their fear, was it their questions? Whatever it was, they were hardly ready for Jesus’ reply, “Do you still have no faith?” This is the decisive point of tension of being a disciple. They wanted Him to “do” something about their circumstances. He wanted them to trust Him.

There is a deep lesson to be learned from stilling the storm story. For us, His disciples, it should be enough to be with Him, whether life’s seas are still or stormy. His presence among us is all we need. It is enough that Christ goes with us on our journey, we do not judge His faithfulness to us, the state of our discipleship, or our circumstances by the roughness of the seas we sail through. We are to be glad in the Lord, not our circumstances, that He is in the boat with us.



Have you been more focused on His performance than His presence? Thank Him today for being with you in the journey.