Mark 4:39

Slaying the Waters



“And He got up and rebuked the wind . . .” Mark 4:39



One cannot understand what Jesus calming the storm meant without understanding the diciples world view of water. 

The culture of this time believed that the world was encompassed by evil forces that, unless tamed, would certainly overwhelm it. The idea of evil as raging waters appears numerous times in Old Testament stories.

For Israel, the Red Sea was seen as a type of raging sea against God. Later, as David penned his Psalms, he identified the enemy as raging, rebellious, cosmic waters. Throughout Job, evil appears as different creatures rising from out of the sea. Leviathan, a twisting dragon bent on destroying creation. Rahab (meaning storm) is a hostile and chaotic beast seeking to disturb the waters of the earth. Behemoth appears untamable. The Old Testament portrays God as being in a battle with hostile waters and triumphing over them.

While crossing the Sea of Galilee one evening, Jesus and His disciples were caught in a fierce storm. Jesus perceived the demonic power of hostile waters, strategizing to kill Him and the disciples by trying to take them down into a watery grave. 

Jesus rebuked the storm and commanded the waves to be quiet, muzzling the evil forces of the earth. He speaks authoritatively to subdue the enemy, exactly the way He began His ministry in Mark, by muzzling the presence of evil and returning the waters back to the state in which God created them.

This comes as good news to us when the storms in life rage against us. There is One stronger than the storm, who can control the seas and bind them up. He fights for us when we can’t fight for ourselves. The heart of Jesus is to return our life back to its created order, the way God intended it to be. Like the disciples, we stand amazed and humbled, realizing He is the Son of God.



Whatever you are going through, ask Him to calm your storm.