Mark 4:38

Human Jesus



“Jesus Himself was in the stern, asleep . . .” Mark 4:38



It had been a long, stressful stretch for Jesus. It had begun with blasphemous accusations from the Pharisees that He was controlled by demons; it was a fierce, adrenaline-pumping confrontation. He issued a solemn warning against unforgivable blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. 

Then, His mother and brothers attempted to kidnap Him and take Him back to Nazareth. They thought He had lost His mind and needed to be protected from Himself .       

Now, in the afternoon, He had left the house and gone down to the shores of Galilee to preach. The crowd was so vast that He was forced to speak from a fishing boat. The sheer amount of energy it would require for Him to project His voice from that distance, for that long, would be taxing without all the other emotional drama. 

Finally, as evening approached, an exhausted Jesus gave the order to set sail and go to the other side. He was tired and hit a wall and knew He could not got on. As night set in, Jesus moved to the stern of the boat and immediately fell asleep. 

Jesus had unlimited power, for He was fully God, but He did not have unlimited energy for He was human. He had a body exactly as we do. He hungered, He became thirsty, felt pain and knew what it was like to be weary and need rest. 

No wonder He needed sleep, He had been working in His Father’s business without so much as a time to breathe. Evening had come and Jesus was fast asleep. 

Does the picture of a resting Savior speak to you about your own humanness? This Jesus, who we are to trust with our all, who knows what it means to be fully human as much as He is God. 

He knew the trials we face because He has experienced them. He knows the physical weaknesses we have because He has felt them. He understands what we mean when we cry for help in this world full of need. He is well acquainted with feeling burned out, misunderstood and drained of emotion.

He is just the kind of Savior we need. With our weary hands and aching heads who need comfort every morning and every night, we, His disciples, should take heart – we have a high priest who is able to sympathize with our situation, one who hears our cries and answers, who responds by lifting us up, to renew our strength.



You don’t have to posture in his presence, He knows you, understands you and has been where you are today. Right now, the most spiritual thing you can do is rest. Rest your mind, your body, and your emotions knowing He’s been there too.