Mark 4:36

Other Boats



“. . . and other boats were with Him.” Mark 4:36



We do not notice there were other boats, but it’s worth noticing they were out on the sea, along with the ship where Jesus and the disciples were, when the wind arose. They suffered the storm and also got the benefit of the calm. 

 . Every disciple, no matter how obscure, affects others by their relationship with Jesus. Whether we realize it or not, there is always an indirect element in all Christian living.  

There are other ships. Think of the preachers and writers. God has gifted them, and their ministries have helped us. With their words, they have encouraged, challenged and taught us.

It was the cry of the disciples which brought deliverance to those in the other ships. Remember the prayers that have been prayed for you. Think of all the things that have happened in your life as the result of prayer. But whose prayer? Not your own. A mother’s prayer, perhaps. Someone interceded words radiated from the praying heart of a faithful man or woman, and you were blessed because of another’s prayer. So your prayer of faith should be prayed for others.

Can you think of a time when you were under great stress, your nerves frayed and, suddenly, you became calm and unafraid, ready to face your storm with boldness. At that very moment someone was praying for you.

Others are affected by your life. If you face your problems with a sure quiet trust in God, rooted firmly in the faith and fellowship of Jesus, you will call out that same response in others. 

The times you taught others or bore witness to the life of Christ were not just during the moments you spoke. You spoke while you were walking through your work place, you were seen by many, your behavior was closely watched. You are of greater use than you thought. It is of no use to walk anywhere to preach unless we preach everywhere we walk. 



What’s it like for someone to have a relationship with you? Are you affecting others by the life of Jesus within you?