Mark 4:36

As Servants



“. . . they took Him along with them . . .” Mark 4:36



Here are twelve disciples serving faithfully in ministry, following their Master wherever He went. Every day they were listening to the word of Jesus. They were daily speaking of Him to others, they believed in Jesus, loved Jesus and were not ashamed to give up everything for His sake. Yet, here we see these men in trouble, tossed up and down by the convulsion of the sea, and in danger of being drowned. 

This is one of the first lessons of ministry; being in Christ’s service does not shelter His servants from the storm. The presence of Jesus on the boat did not keep the storm from coming. If we are truly His disciples we must not expect everything to be smooth and easy. And we must not be shocked by the storms and struggles we encounter, be it loss, grief, disappointment or disillusionment. 

As servants of Jesus, we hold onto our security in Jesus, knowing we’ve been given free pardon, full forgiveness, that there is grace for the journey and glory at the end – all this Jesus promises his workers. But He never promised that there would be no storms. He loves us too much to promise that. It’s in the tough times He teaches us the truth of Himself and reveals the reality of our faith and fortitude. In our service, we learn lessons we could not learn any other way. 

He sends us into the storms and asks us to stay. As we do, our emptiness and weakness are exposed. We discover the need for a daily, fresh, outpouring of grace, our motives are purified and our appetite for the world shrinks. We find a longing for more of His presence. Being tossed about in the storm has a way of making the heart steady and strong. Had it not been for the storms we would have given in to our tendency to stray, but now we hear Him say “peace be still” and in our service we hold onto His Word.



By Your power, fall fresh on me and I will rise to serve You fully and faithfully another day.