Mark 4:31

Small Is The New Big


Read: “It’s like a mustard seed, . . .” Mark 4:31



Only Mark tells us all the seed parables. He was aware of the fact that Jesus was discipling His disciples, preparing them for the upcoming mission of sowing the good news of the gospel. The mustard seed and its tiny size was one of Jesus’ favorite images. Jesus uses this part of the natural world to highlight super-natural truth – that small is the new big. The mustard seed is as small as a grain of sand, but what comes from this minuscule seed is overwhelming.

The mustard bush regardless of its environment was a formidable and dangerous plant. It threatened to take over whatever area its seed finally took root in. It had a pungent taste and fiery effect; it grows wild and would expand when transplanted. Some say it didn’t grow like a tree, but reached heights that over take a man and when the seed has been sown, it’s impossible to get rid of it. The picture is hard to miss. Jesus compares the kingdom to a weed.

The kingdom, which Jesus was proclaiming, was a threat to the existing earthly kingdoms of the world. Were Jesus’ kingdom to take root, it would subvert the existing rulers and power structures. Though, at first, Jesus’ kingdom appeared small like a seed, it would grow into something large and firmly rooted, which various unwanted sinners, tax gathers and Gentiles would call home. Still others try to rid it from the earth. 

As His disciples, we are not to lose heart because of the circumstances around us. Rather, we are to continue to live faithfully, knowing that the kingdom of Jesus is ever growing – always growing, advancing, expanding quietly, steadily, and persistently. 



This day raise my sensitivity to Your kingdom here on earth, may my words and actions contribute the spreading of Your kingdom here in my city.