Mark 4:30

To Go Big – Go Small


Read: “How shall we picture the kingdom of God, . . .” Mark 4:30



Jesus’ life on this earth illustrates the growth of a mustard seed. He grew up in a distant and despised region. He worked in a small town as a local carpenter. He didn’t leave His family or home until He was thirty. Then, for two years, He preached and taught in the neighboring towns and villages with an occasional visit to Jerusalem. Then, later would gather about Him a small band of disciples, who, for the most part, were fishermen and commoners; they often would fall into the hands of enemies with no resistance on His part or of that of His followers. He died a criminal’s death on a cross.

The brief 33 years of Jesus on this earth look almost insignificant. It seems His life and death barely made a ripple in the life of this great world. The humbleness of His whole movement were tossed aside and made a reproach against Him. He was taunted by accusations of His own people; they exclaimed “Have any of the Pharisees or rulers believed Him?” Here in this parable, Jesus admits the smallness of His domain, on the surface there was nothing striking or great about the kingdom and His little band of disciples. Literally, it was like a grain of mustard seed.

Yet, Jesus was sure it would survive and flourish. Small as it was in the beginning, like the seed, it held within it a great kingdom. It had a vital force within it that nothing could kill, an expansive power which would only grow with opposition. His obscure beginnings, His death were not the symptoms of failure, but were only the sowing of the seed. He was as confident as a farmer who sowed seeds and after a week or two saw no appearance of plants above ground. Jesus knew if He could plant His kingdom in one small part of the earth that growth would follow. And now the kingdom which began with Jesus and His Galician disciples is now the mightiest force in the world. 



Be a part of building His kingdom; join a House Church, get involved in a local ministry, use your time, talents and treasures for eternal purposes.