Mark 4:28

God’s Farm


Read: “The soil produces crops . . .” Mark 4:28



The parable contained in these verses is short, and only recorded here in Mark’s gospel. It sets before us the steady gradual work of God. It calls us to look at our own experience. 

The sower scatters the seed over a variety of soils, one of which is good ground. The shocking reality is that good ground where the seed grows best is also in a particular location. 

The Kingdom is a matter of life, which sprouts, grows, bears fruit, matures and produces a harvest. This is a full picture of the process of growth of God’s kingdom. The location of good soil is the church. The church is God’s farm, His field, His cultivated land.

There are many homes that have gardens, a sort of kingdom of plants. Think of the field in which the harvest is growing as the church. The garden itself is the church, the kingdom is the plants. Imagine that instead of a garden, there was only a yard covered in dirt, without any plants. Would that be a garden? On the contrary, it’s simply a yard with a bunch of dirt. How does it become a garden? Only, when it is populated by plants growing in it. The more the plants grow in the yard, the more the yard becomes a garden.

In a similar way, the more the seed of the kingdom grows in the tilled ground, the farm of the church, the more the church becomes the kingdom. In the life of the church many healthy, beautiful plants are growing, but without good soil, it would be just a yard covered in dirt.

However, we are God’s field and farm, the sheer number of healthy plants growing strong expands the reality of the kingdom of heaven. It’s from the eternal seed of Jesus, that the growing plants are populating the garden now bringing forth the kingdom. 

It’s good ground teeming with life; always making the presence of God obvious to the searching world. 

The church is the garden and the kingdom is the growing of the saints as the plants in the garden. As the plants reach maturity they become stories to inspire others to a lifelong faithfulness. The kingdom of God is all together a matter of divine life and bringing the life of Jesus to others.



Are you growing up in the way of Jesus?