Mark 4:22

Hold Up The Light


Read: “For nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; . . .” Mark 4:22



The lamp is Jesus Himself. The purpose of the light is not meant to be obscured. It’s on this basis we have fellowship with Him. We are to be in the light as He’s in the light. When we are reproved or shown to be what we really are, that is the result of the light. Whenever we hide what we are or what we have done, that is darkness. 

The first effect of sin is to make us try to hide ourselves. The nature of sin always involves us being unreal, pretending, posturing, making excuses for ourselves and blaming others, we can do all these things without saying a single word. The light shows us up as we really are.

It’s impossible to place a light in the middle of our life and remain in darkness. It’s impossible to be in darkness and have unhindered connection with Him – or with others either. If we are not real with God, we cannot be real with anyone else. The only real basis for true communion with God and others is to be open with both. 

To be in the light means we are willing to know the whole truth about ourselves. It means we can be convicted and our conscience is tender. We have decided everything we discover in His presence to be sin, we will admit, confess and forsake it for His sake. That alone will make strong people shrink back from knowing Him.

We must be willing for Him to hold the light to us and challenge anything He sees in us that’s not of Him. We must be absolutely willing to know and be known by Him as we really are. That means we cannot hide or put on appearances. It means we must give up our spiritual secrets, not cling to any wrong feelings toward others, put away our pride, risk our self-created reputations in order to be fully known by Him. This is a humbling experience, but it will take us to a new place in our relationship with Jesus.



Are there any things you must get settled between you and the Lord? Start by bringing them into the light.