Mark 4:21

Lit From Within


Read: “A lamp is not brought to be put under a basket, is it, . . .” Mark 4:21



Jesus spends a great deal of time explaining what His kingdom is like, because often our vision of His kingdom is quite different than His. So when He spoke, He used vivid imagery to awaken His vision in others. He explains how God will work in the world and how He, like you, thought it would be.  Jesus teaches that He, the Light, has come. Like the lamp, which a family depended on, is the center of the Galilean home. Placed on a lamp stand, it occupies the center of the house and illuminates every corner of the house. His disciples knew He was referring to essential light. 

Light gives clarity and direction so that one will be able to walk without falling; it provides direction to the way we are traveling. Light lets us see the detours, pitfalls and mistakes so we can find our way out. Light enables us to see us as we really are and to see others as they are. The light given by the spirit exposes secrets and sin, shows us God is gracious, compassionate and full of mercy, and gives a well-lit path to salvation. 

Jesus reveals the deep things of darkness and brings deep shadows into light in disarming ways through servanthood, weakness, suffering and death. Often His kingdom is hiding in plain sight. It goes unrecognized by those who groped in their own darkness. Many remain clueless because they have been blinded by the sparkle of the world.



Today ask the Spirit to open the eyes of your heart, that you will see His kingdom presence during your day.