Mark 4:2

Jesus is Not User Friendly



“And He was teaching many things in parables, . . .” Mark 4:2



The disciples report Jesus using parables early in His teaching ministry. Maybe after looking into casually curious, but not committed faces, and confronting the cold heart of the religious elite, Jesus thought it best to tell the message to insiders and outsiders that there is no negotiation when it comes to following Him. There is no way to eliminate the Holy from the way of Jesus.

Maybe it was His way of highlighting that His message is baffling, inconvenient and disappointing to those who won’t take the time to listen and search, to those who expect to be catered to, and to those who demand the way of Jesus be paved with rewards; that His way, the Jesus way, is non-negotiable.

Jesus did not try to make things easier for the crowds to comprehend or make them feel more comfortable. His way of veiling truth in parables served to separate the curious from the serious – those who were seeking a sideshow and those who were seeking after God. 

Jesus spoke in a way that would not force them into a decision, because He will not force His will on anyone, intellectually, emotionally or spiritually. Jesus spoke in parables in order that those who wanted to hear, would hear, and those who wanted to see, would see. 

To be sure, Jesus did not come to give clever ideas about God, or to confirm what everyone already knew, but to call people to repent and to revolutionize their entire perspective about God and life. True faith is born in the tension, between the revealing and the veiling of truth.



Are you pressing in to know Him, hear Him, and learn His ways?