Matthew 1:3,5,6,7,10

What Has You?



Matthew 1:3, 5, 6, 7, 10 “Tamar . . . Rahab . . . Bathsheba . . . Abijah . . . Manasseh”



As you read through these verses, you’ll notice men and women with shady reputations. To be sure, within the lineage of Jesus, there are some harlots and tilted halos. All of these were ruled by their passions, lusts and desires. Some in a moment of passion gave into driven desires; they let themselves be taken by an unhealthy appetite. What has you?

This is the season we confess that “Jesus is Lord” not in some abstract way, but in a very personal way, a way which challenges the integrity of our faith. It affects the way we celebrate Advent, the four weeks of preparation for the birth of Jesus. If Jesus is indeed Lord of our life, then we are challenged to submit our priorities and with gut-level honesty ask ourselves as we prepare for Christmas, what has power over us?

Is it people? It’s easy to be distracted by friends and enemies; sometimes they occupy so much attention that a day slips away without a thought of the Lord of my life.

Is it things? What do you find yourself desiring? Possessions and power? Popularity? Personal appearance? Do you have things, or do they have you?

Is it problems of the day? The traffic, your boss, your career, your neighbor or a thousand other things which can take up spiritual space within you?

Is it your phone? Text messages, missed calls, voice mails, notification emails – all crowd out any chance of spiritual focus. 

All my petty plans and personal interest; all the voices and vices, leave little room for Jesus, Lord and Savior.

We give Him lip service but our heart is far from Him. Prayers become mechanical and ritualistic. Whatever rules you, is your real kingdom. What would Advent be like if my primary concern was His Kingdom?



Take a moment to set aside your Christmas list and party invites, sit quietly before the Lord and ask, “How would Advent and Christmas be different if Jesus really ruled in me?”