Matthew 1:16

Enter Salvation



“. . . who is called the Messiah.” Matthew 1:16



God had a plan, to bring salvation to the world through His Son, Jesus. He had a plan for His plan, nothing could stop Him. As far as God is concerned, there is no sinful situation that can’t receive salvation. God’s plan all along was to save people and deliver them from their sins. 

In the Old Testament, the judges modeled the role of deliverer, but their work was temporary. Though they conquered oppressive armies, they could not save Israel from themselves.

But Jesus could. And Joseph and Mary named Him, Jesus. The name Jesus means “Yahweh saves.” There could be no clearer message. God is a saving God. Yet the problem people had in Jesus’ time, was receiving Him. It’s the same struggle we face today. 

Everyone wants a deliverer, someone who will deal with and defeat their problems. Someone who will get them out of financial troubles, turn around dying relationships, heal sickness. But no one wants a Lord. We look to God for answers while we live on our own terms and seek out our own ways, while ignoring the fact we can’t pay for our own sin-struck way of life. We need a Savior! 

We are trapped by our own sin. But Jesus, who has power over all spiritual forces, hears the silent cry of our heart. And nothing can stop Him from saving us, except our stubbornness. 

Our life must be different. To be a Christian means to stake one’s life on the revelation of God in Jesus. If during Advent we relegate Jesus to second place, we have denied Him and what He stands for. It’s all or nothing, no second place, no half measures.



Does your faith permeate your whole life? Does your faith shape your Advent?