Matthew 1:1

The Place of the Son



“. . . the son of David, the son of Abraham.” Matthew 1:1



Matthew Chapter One is the story of the arrival of Jesus, a recording of compelling witnesses that Jesus was the long-anticipated Messiah; the prophesied fulfillment, of God’s promise and deliverance for the world. 

At first glance, this appears to be a census, but there is something in those names which speaks to the heart of every one of us. Genealogy means genesis; there is a new beginning to be found here for you and me. 

It’s in the word “Son.” It’s the sonship of Jesus which reveals the fatherhood of God.  Both here and in Luke’s gospel, this point is illustrated in the genealogy, in a very striking way. Jesus is seen as the “Son” of David, the “Son” of Abraham, the “Son” of Adam and the “Son” of God. Putting the sonship together gives us a picture, a truth about God’s heart toward you. 

Sonship includes favor, blessing and love. In Mark’s gospel, when Jesus is baptized, God speaks from above “this is my beloved Son.” 

Can you hear God saying, you are His “beloved”? From the very beginning, He has called you by name, created you with care and has made a promise to love you.

The Father’s love is revealed in the Son. The Son has been given to us that we might give up fear, mistrust, anxiety and guilt. The Father sent the Son that you might have eternal life to the full, that we might be hopeful, joyous and compassionate.

To experience Jesus, we have to give up self-rejection and arrogance. Self-rejection is the greatest enemy of our spiritual life, because it contradicts the voice that calls us beloved.



Do you really believe that God is gracious and cares about you? Do you really believe that He is always with you and is your present support? Do you really believe that God is love?