Matthew 1:1

Plan A



“. . .the genealogy of Jesus . . .” Matthew 1:1



In the moment hardly anything makes sense to us. We are too close to our situations and circumstances to see the bigger picture. We have to lift our eyes above the horizon of our momentary madness to see that we are in the middle of a story that’s been going on a long, long time.

The story of Jesus doesn’t begin with Jesus. In the first 17 verses of Matthew, we meet 46 people spanning 2,000 years. Before we read a single word of Chapter One, we notice it’s a genealogy, the layout of the names gives us a message. There are three groups of 14. These three groups form six groups of seven. Seven is the number of perfection, six is imperfection. The six which preceded Christ are all imperfect human links. The seventh is reached in Jesus, the Perfect One.

The genealogy begins with the patriarchs from Abraham to David. Then, there are the kings from David to captivity. Finally, there are royals, though not kings, the genealogical line descends until it reaches the carpenter shop in Nazareth.

Jesus was born by miraculous conception, without sin, but saints and sinners are found in His genealogy. Some were heroes of the faith, like Abraham, Isaac, Ruth and David. There were others with shady reputations like Rahab and Tamar. Many were ordinary, while others were down right evil. To be sure, God’s work in history is not limited by human failures or sin.  Here in Jesus’ genealogy, the greatest and humblest of all served one purpose; to get Jesus into the world.

Since the beginning of time God has been doing one thing; He’s had one plan to save mankind, and that’s by getting Jesus into the world. Jesus is not God’s plan B; Jesus has always been plan A.



Life is short, eternity is long – set your affections on things above.