Mark 3:29

Last Call



“but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit . . .”  Mark 3:29



One of the common fears among Christians is the fear of committing the unpardonable sin. If you fear you have committed it, you haven’t. The fear you’ve done so is proof you haven’t. It’s highly unlikely anyone reading this devotional has committed the unforgivable sin. In Mark 3:28, we have one of the greatest promises “all sin shall be forgiven.” Can you picture Jesus looking at David, Peter or Paul and saying “It’s all forgiven”? God stands with arms wide open, that’s what He’s doing today. 

Jesus is speaking to religious representatives of Jews. He’s not describing what they have done, but what they are in danger of doing. God had sent a three-fold witness to them. First, was the witness of the Father through John’s baptism of repentance. Secondly, was Jesus in every possible way through His ministry, message and miracles. Finally, Pentecost, the new day of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God’s final call, the final witness to the soul. Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, righteousness and the judgment to come. To sin against the final witness is to place yourself in a continual position of rejecting God’s final invitation.

Every time you hear the gospel, every time you realize you need Christ, every time you have a chance to know Him as your Savior but refuse, you are moving toward that sin. It’s dangerous to hear the gospel and turn it down. It’s dangerous to hear Jesus loves you and reject His love. It’s dangerous to put yourself in a position of a deliberate attitude of unbelief and unrepentant, ongoing rejection of Jesus, because there will be a final time, a final appeal.



“Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts . . .” (Hebrews 3:15) 

If you don’t know Him or are unsure of where you stand with Him, pray something simple like; “Dear Jesus, I’m a sinner and you are the Savior of my life now and forever more.”