Mark 3:22

Is God to Blame?



“. . . He is possessed . . .” Mark 3:22



The scribes were an elite sect of highly-trained, legal specialists, sent out from Jerusalem to assess Jesus. They had come with their minds already made up. Before their arrival they were already saying “He’s possessed.” This was to become a repeated accusation thrown at Jesus.

Can you imagine hurling hurtful insults at Jesus? It’s done every day. Anytime someone says God caused the loss of a loved one, or He let a divorce take place, or God gave them a disease to teach them a lesson. To make such allegations is to charge God of wrongful doing, to give Him a bum rap of being the source of the very things He came to oppose and overthrow. Jesus takes the allegations head on.

When Jesus is accused of casting out demons by the power of Beelzebub, another name for Satan, He responds by telling His hostile audience “If a kingdom is divided against itself, then it cannot stand.” Jesus’ response builds upon the shared assumption of His audience, that the evil kingdom is unified under one prince, who is Satan. 

His point is that this kingdom of evil, like any kingdom, cannot be working at cross purposes with itself. Jesus adds that one cannot make significant headway in taking back “property” unless one “ties up the strong man” who oversees the whole operation.

This is what Jesus came to do. His entire ministry was about overpowering the fully armed “strong man” who guarded his property, namely, God’s people and ultimately, the entire earth.

In cases of heartbreak and loss, disappointment, disease and death, Jesus is not the problem, He’s the answer. Jesus is not the enemy, He is your friend. Stop blaming Him and start trusting Him.



Does this wreck your preconceived view of God?  

Have you misunderstood the heart of Jesus? 

Have you misread your circumstances?

Would you turn to Him? Break the silence between you and Jesus. Speak to Him, welcome Him as your friend into your struggle.