Mark 3:20

Zeal For The Work Of God 



“. . . they could not even eat a meal.” Mark 3:20



Once again, Jesus returns home to Capernaum, His adopted hometown, not to rest but to continue the ministry, He’s motivated to serve, energized to work, and He is mobbed by the growing crowd.

Jesus is so absorbed in His task that food loses its importance. A call for Him to eat is neglected, a plate put at His feet goes untouched, and a final desperate demand for Him to eat is answered by the wave of His hand. In a culture where meals are a ritual and food is scarce, anyone who refuses to eat must be “out of his mind.” Well-meaning friends call His family thinking they can bring Him to His senses. 

This is a painful text to read because evidently none of His family knew or understood His zeal for the work of God. Jesus was fully engaged in the work that He loved and was on the verge of a breakthrough. He’s enjoying seeing all His preparation come into focus in a ministry of service. Contrary to the opinions of His family and friends, neither madness nor exhaustion threaten Him.

   Jesus had given Himself fully to the work of God. By His intensity to ministry, He made it clear that His zeal for ministry had led Him to take three righteous risks.         

He risked security. The one thing that most people want more than anything else in the world is security. They want a job, and a position which are secure; where there are as few material and financial risks as possible.

He risked safety. Most people tend to play it safe at all times. They are more concerned with safety in any venture than they are following the raw call of Christ. A course of action which involves risk is something from which they instinctively shrink.

He risked speculation. He was indifferent to the opinions of others. He didn’t much care what people said about Him. The first question most are in the habit of asking is “What will people say?” Few follow Jesus because the voice of others is louder than the voice of God. 



Are you holding back from fully committing yourself to the work of God?

Are you burning yourself out over eternal things rather than earthly things?

God has called you to serve in church or local ministry, will you say yes?