Mark 3:20

Mark 3:20 


Developing a Devoted Life



Read the reflect portion first then read Mark 3:20-31 following your reading take some time to consider the respond section.



After all the fanfare and festivities of the holidays, we return to the gospel of Mark, to read corporately, devotedly, hopefully and daily.

No one had ever written a Christian gospel before Mark took up his pen. There are in the story many characters, the sick and hungry, victims and outsiders, friends and enemies, and the rest of us. But Jesus is always the center, He is both the context and the content. Reading Mark shapes our attention, practice and response we give to Jesus. The text trains us, line after line, page after page, it’s Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. He is the content of our salvation. After reading, we end up convinced that Jesus is the Anointed One of God.

Maintaining simplicity and focus has proven to be one of the most difficult things to sustain in a believers life 

From Sunday to Wednesday, there are thousands of things to distract us. Prolonged focus on the things of God doesn’t come easy, mainly because our senses have been dulled by sin. We need support.

So, developing a devotional life helps us acquire a taste for what’s being revealed in Jesus; it tunes us in to receive and respond to the work of His Spirit, creating a rhythm in living faithfully. So here’s how it works. 

The Church Project daily devotional has three parts: Read, Reflect, and Respond. Each plays a strategic role in helping us learn the ways of Jesus.

Read: You’ll notice there are only a few words quoted each day. This is to help us slow down, pay attention to each word. Reflect: Each day this section will be a thought which rises up out of the text we are reading as a church. Taking time to reflect on one thought helps our soul to breathe and grow. Respond: Through application, God’s word is launched into the details of our life. Application always produces transformation. Why this order? Because, healthy patterns create healthy lives. They give us traction spiritually to get up and get on in the ways of Jesus.



With the moments you have with the Lord right now do this: read His Words and savor them, reflect on a single, simple thought, respond by putting what you have read into practice.