Matthew 2:2, 10

He Received Them



". . . we saw His star. . . and have come to worship Him" Matthew 2:2,10



The heavens themselves were witnesses of this kingly birth. A star appeared in the sky bringing from distant lands sages, watchers, star-gazers, who from their practice of astrology knew that a ruler was being born in Palestine and that they must come to the place of His birth and worship Him.

They were astrologists, the kind you see spotted along I-45 in old houses and in store fronts. The ones with neon signs flashing "psychic", "get your reading today," who promise to align your Chakra to find greater peace.

Instead of thinking of these travelers from the East in the traditional Christmas skit version, royally dressed in long, flowing, silk robes, think of them as the psychics seen on TV, Ms. Cleo, John Edward and the Long Island Medium, they were pagan priests whose rituals centered around nature.

Upon arrival, these gentile pagans seeing Jesus, fell down and worshipped Him. Jesus received their worship. This should be great comfort to all of us. It means one does not have to be theologically perfect, doctrinally accurate or have their life together to come to Jesus, whether confused or clear-minded, right on the mark or mixed up, no matter the state of our life, Jesus receives us. Jesus once said ". . .if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to Myself." (John 12:32.) God’s redemptive work was intended to benefit the whole world.

These men who had set out for one reason, to locate Jesus for Herrod’s murderous plan, now return by a different path for a different reason, because, no one who meets Christ with a sincere heart ever returns the same way. They had been received by Jesus and would never be the same.



Today, stop letting your past or your present get in the way of coming to Jesus and give yourself fully to Him.