Matthew 2:11

The Great Reversal



". . . they saw the Child with Mary His mother; . . ." Matthew 2:11



We do not need Jesus to tell us that God is strong and powerful, and that humans are weak and powerless. Everyone already thinks that in relation to God and man, as above and below, superior and inferior, that He is everything and we are nothing. 

However, the story of the first Christmas is the shocking reversal of what people have always thought about God and humans.  This is not the story of God exerting His power over weak little humans. Rather, it is the story of God who becomes little, weak and powerless in order for human life to be loved. 

The great reversal is that in Jesus Christ, the Word becomes flesh, God with us. God humbles Himself and places real worth on us humans. Christmas means that what God desires is not to create religious people, we have enough already, but to create real people who love Him; people who worship Him fully and courageously, who live authentically.

Christmas shows us that God is not too high and mighty, too good, too holy, or too proud to come down to our level and participate in human life. Christmas catches us off guard by showing us that God is able to do incredibly spiritual work in extremely unspiritual environments.

Christmas means God moves into our existence and shares life with us as God with us.  Jesus, the Righteous One, stands with and for the unrighteous. The Holy One touches the unholy. 

If we picture God as being only in heaven, only at church, or just in religious activities; if we confine God to our personal and collective happiness and success; if we never look for God in the everyday, ordinary grind of life; if we don't believe He is at work in the secular world and that He is present in human failure and suffering, then we will never know God at all. For God is the God who comes to us in the man, Jesus, who was born in a stable and grew up to be the friend of sinners. 



In light of the Christmas story what is the connecting factor between secular and religious?

If you followed Jesus’ example to be a friend of sinners, how would it influence your daily life? How would it influence the life of our church?