Mark 3:1

Who Is This Jesus?


Read: Mark 3:1



In this miracle story, tension and truth fill the atmosphere. All the people in this scene do not speak a word. Jesus’ opponents watch with cold hostility, while the man with the withered hand stands in the middle, with his hand stretched out toward Jesus. With Jesus’ ministry as with us, demonstration is always followed by opposition. There is something deeper happening here, beyond the miracle Jesus is about to perform. There is an unexpressed question circulating through the minds of every person gathered there in that synagogue. It’s a question present in every ministry moment up to this point in Mark’s gospel, "Who is this Jesus?"


Mark writes with simplicity and vividness. In Mark’s gospel we have simple, straight-forward stories designed to give every disciple who reads this gospel pictures to help us experience Jesus. Hidden within the four pronouncement stories are the claims of Jesus about himself which must not be missed. 


He is a forgiver. (Mark 2:7)

In the story of the paralytic, it's His claim to forgive sins that offend the teachers of the Law. Only the one sinned against can forgive sin, He is truly God. 


He is a healer. (Mark 2:17)

To explain His presence among notorious sinners of Levi's company, He uses the doctor-patient analogy which shows that He is the soul doctor who comes to heal the sick sinners.


He is a lover. (Mark 2:19-20)

He is the bridegroom, an old testament picture of God, who relates, loves, protects and cares for His people.


He is Lord. (Mark 2:25)

He is the Lord of the Sabbath, where He places people over policy. He cares about the physical needs of others, He provides and heals. As the Lord of the Sabbath, He delivers both the Sabbath and the man with the withered hand from a state of distress.


Mark’s point is that one group after another missed the point of who it was who was standing in their midst. 



In your prayer time today, complete this sentence: "Dear Jesus, you have been my _____________." Name the many ways you have experienced the presence of Jesus in your life.