Mark 2:27-28

The Path You Are On


Read: Mark 2:27-28



On any other day the disciples would have attracted no attention by pushing their way through the standing grain of a field and picking from the stalks a few heads to eat as they walked along. Not far off were "the religious hall monitors" keeping watch. Although the disciples break the law, it is to Jesus the Pharisees aim their accusatory question. The Pharisees assume the disciples had learned from watching Jesus and He does not object. 


In Phariseeism, man was a slave to the Sabbath and observance had become a burden, instead of a joy, as it was originally intended to be. 


The Sabbath was a celebration of creation, it was a time of thanksgiving and worship for all of God’s goodness. The Sabbath was also celebration of the covenant between God and His people. They renewed their dedication to His service and rejoiced in the promises of God. A day of delight, was how scripture describes the Sabbath. It was a time to put the events of the past week in perspective, of life lived to honor God. The Sabbath was a day of rigorous honesty and careful contemplation, a day of examining the direction of life, renewing oneself to God. 


Under the morally bankrupt leadership of the Pharisees, the joy of the Sabbath had disappeared. Empty rituals destroy a sense of wonder. Love is no longer the motivating factor for living. Instead of a love story, the Bible is viewed as a book of rules. 


This should make us stop and take account of the trajectory of the path we are on. What intrudes between us and God is our high-minded holiness. It's not the prostitutes and tax collectors who find it difficult to repent, it’s the devout who feel they have no need to repent. Jesus did not die at the hands of muggers or thieves. He fell into the well-scrubbed hands of the deeply religious, society’s most respected members.




Start today by taking off your religious mask. Break up with your inner Pharisee. Stop keeping score and surrender yourself to Jesus.