Mark 2:18-20

A Whole New Thing


Read: Mark 2:18, 19, 20



The question posed to Jesus about fasting came at the exact moment Jesus was feasting with Levi and his band of outcasts. Levi's house was filled with laughing while they listened to him tell how he met Jesus, how someone like him could find new life after being voted scum of the year. It was a time of great joy and festivity. The air was filled with music. There Jesus stands with one arm around Levi, with his other arm around another seedy guest. This was no time for fasting.


The Pharisees practice of fasting perpetuated the old in an unbelieving, mechanical fashion while missing the new moment which God had introduced. John’s disciples were fasting as an expression of repentance and for the coming judgment.


Jesus came proclaiming that both the law and judgement were fulfilled and His presence was the decisive ingredient of the promise of life.The wedding feast represents the passing of the old and the beginning of the new. The behavior of His disciples reflects the joyful confidence of the breaking in of the time of salvation. They experience the joy of the kingdom, because they belong to Him. 


The attendees of the wedding were absolved from any work; their only duty was to rejoice. Can you hear the energetic voice of Jesus speaking to your inner Pharisee saying "this is no time for fasting"? Get out of your gloom, throw off your rules and rituals and rejoice. Jesus, the bridegroom, is in your midst. You are not called to religion, but relationship; not to sadness, but to gladness; not to a funeral, but a wedding.



Today submit your disposition to Jesus. Take a moment to meditate on this verse:

". . .Happy is the people whose God is their Lord." Psalm 144:15