Mark 2:18

I Am Your Disciple


Read: Mark 2:18


"but your disciples don't fast . . ."




To declare to the Lord "I am your disciple" is more than accepting a set of standards, it’s a radical involvement to a life of Holiness. Jesus made radical requests of anyone who wanted to follow Him.


Raw Examination.

Do I really want to be holy? Am I willing to pay the cost of discipleship if it requires more than moral respectability, religious routines and a little theology? But we are called to a dangerously different, nonconforming life. Many who heard Jesus turned away when they heard Him spell out the personal cost involved in following Him. Would the same thing happen today if we took seriously what it meant to be His disciple?


Real Endurance.

The call to Holiness is never detached from our standing in Christ. Even the most faithful disciple still has to pray "forgive us our debts." We don't depend on our own effort, we press forward with God’s strength. This does not excuse us from the life of discipleship, however, it does give us the courage and confidence to keep growing and keep going. 


Relentless Engagement.

Those who follow Jesus don't depend on their own strength and often don’t look "religious," but rely on the power of the Spirit. They don't advertise their godliness. They do their praying before God and not an audience. They give to the Lord without publicizing their generosity. They are friends with sinners, in spite of the disapproval of others. They have learned from Jesus that people are more important than policy. "I'm your disciple." It’s not rules and regulations I follow, but Jesus.



Examine your heart, can you say "I'm your disciple"?