Luke 2:29

Welcoming the Word


Read: Luke 2:29

“ . . . according to your word.”



Simeon had spent all his years of waiting for the Messiah reading and memorizing the Torah, the sacred text of his day. His years were without any confirmation of Jesus’ coming. So he read and placed God’s words in his head and heart.


The Bible is given so we can know and love God. We need a high view of scripture but we also need to know the God of the Bible, there is the Bible and there is God, understanding the difference will help in our reading.


A friend of mine was giving me a tour of his, still-under-construction, new home. We were walking the length of the garage when he asked if I had noticed the floor. Pointing down to the floor, sweeping aside the dust with his shoe. “It’s crushed glass and stone, these stones were crushed to fit neatly together. Once the dirt is gone it will be polished to a high gloss, it will be stunning.” I was taken back. I had no idea what I was standing on!


The same is true with scripture – we are standing on jewels and precious stones which go unnoticed until we slow our reading. The words get covered in the dust of our preconceived ideas of what we think we already know about the text. Piling on theological, propositional grids only clutters the beauty of God’s word. In the text, there are jewels waiting to be discovered. Scripture is meant to be read, slowly openly and submissively. Reading the sacred text is an act of love. Such reading loves the one who speaks it, loves enough to carefully listen and remember. 



During this advent season we wait in His word. Have you placed God’s word in your heart and mind? Do you know enough of His words that you can quote it from memory? A way to find an honest answer to these questions is, a believer should know a verse for every year they have been alive. Have you memorized that many verses? This week you and your family memorize Isaiah 9:6-7.