Luke 2:25-27

Life in the Ring


Read: Luke 2:25-27

“. . . and the Holy Spirit was upon him. . .”  “. . . revealed to him by the Holy Spirit . . .” “And he came in the Spirit . . .”



Three times Luke carefully points out Simeon’s connection to the Spirit. He lived in a state of receptivity, in a place where he could be directed by the desire of the Spirit. The repetition is there to make sure we don’t miss the fact that life in the ring is a work of the Spirit. Living life in the Spirit runs up against a common assumption made about the Christian life – that to get in touch with ourselves brings us deeper into the Spirit. Looking deep within ourselves may not be the Spirit we are in touch with, it may only be our human emotions, wishes, longings and ambitions. If we want to experience the presence of God’s life-renewing Spirit, we must be willing to look outside of ourselves. The work of the Spirit in Simeon’s life pointed him away from himself and to Jesus. This is always the first work of the Spirit.


If I want to know what it means for me to truly live in the ring, then I must first look at the life of Jesus and the kind of person He was and not my own life and the kind of person I want to be. 


If it’s really God’s promise in our life and not our own that we are interested in, and if it’s life in the ring we desire and not just some self-concocted, shallow, short-lived spirituality we want, then we must get out of the way; stop being consumed with our personal problems, feelings, needs, fears and even our own spiritual depth. Life in the Spirit is never self-centered but Christ-centered. 



Start today by repenting of self-serving, self-focused Christianity. Think of Jesus; let the Holy Spirit point you to more of Jesus. Remember long before His birth, He was present. Nothing was created without Him, not anything in the heavens above, or the earth below. He is the creator and sustainer.