Luke 2:25

Wait For the Promise


Read: Luke 2:25

“. . . Looking for the consolation of Israel; . . . “



As Christians there are more mundane days than heroic days. Simeon was an advent all-star. There were not many heroic days in the life of Simeon. In one extraordinary moment, he heard and believed the promise given him by God. From that one supernatural moment, Simeon had crossed over from an old life of rituals, and begun a journey into the new land of learning to wait.


Waiting is a way of life that’s hard to learn. Some never think of waiting, first there’s school, then a job, followed by plans for a life. There’s a driving rush to get our plan done, without ever stopping to realize that God has a plan for His plan. 


We are sold various gadgets that promise to save us time, only to find we are over-stressed, over-scheduled and overwhelmed. Speed is the valued commodity, cars are built to exceed 120mph and for what reason?  To rush to one more event? We are in a hurry and God isn’t.


Waiting is not anything. Waiting is very much something, it’s an active stillness, quietly waiting, learning to be in a state of listening expectantly for God to provide direction for what He has next. Waiting gets us in touch with God’s timing, which is a good thing since most of our bad decisions have happened because we couldn’t wait and got ahead of God’s timing. Waiting purifies our motives; it’s the only way to be sure that what we want, is what God wants. Waiting strains every instinct we have to try to manipulate circumstances and take matters into our own hands. Waiting teaches us to trust patiently, completely, faithfully and courageously.


The impact of Simeon’s life did not happen in an instant but over time, he waited humbly, hopefully and expectantly, looking for the arrival of the Son of God. He waited because what he was waiting for was worth the wait.



Are your decisions based on waiting before the Lord?  Are you praying, “Lord, I trust Your plan, Your timing, Your protection.” Take some time to be quiet and pray “Lord speak to me, what do You want.”


As a family, read Laminations 3:25.