Mark 3:14-15

Friend of Jesus?


Read: Mark 3:14-15



Jesus appointed the twelve to be with Him. Jesus desired support, He longed for companionship and fellowship. He lived as a person in community, not as an isolated prophet. The twelve were not meant to be just His class of learners, but friends and coworkers. They were called for friendship as well as for witnesses. 

With His disciples, there was friendship before following. Do you have a friendship with Jesus? It's easy to be a good worker for the cause of Jesus, but it takes time spent in direct contact with the heart of Jesus to build a friendship. What we receive in friendship with Him is what we give away in ministry to others. 

We need to learn not to carry ministry by ourselves. Not even the Lord Jesus did ministry alone. From this we learn that in both our work for Him and our life as members of His community, we have to raise others up to help. It's easy to isolate yourself in your call. In fact, there is a tendency for many to do everything themselves. 

The Lord’s ministry was to train the twelve. Then later, He appoints the seventy. The disciples’ ministry was to raise others up to do the same, who later would build entire communities of faithful disciples. God’s move on the earth was not with individualpeople, but through groups, communities, and churches who are friends of Jesus. Stop trying to do life and ministry on your own. Get connected to a community of believers. Community was important to Jesus, shouldn’t it be for us as well? 



Are you building a friendship with Jesus? Spend some time today reading this chapter in Mark, imagine yourself trekking up the mountainside with Jesus to be with Him.