Mark 3:13-19

What's Your Name?


Read: Mark 3: 13-19



Here in these verses, Mark gives us a list of the twelve disciples. Unlike the other gospels, Mark’s is more informal, more personal. He provides the nicknames of some of the disciples. First, in all the gospel’s lists, was Simon, who Jesus called Peter, which meant "the rock," Jacob and John were called "sons of thunder," there was Matthew called "the gift of God." Then comes Thomas called "the twin," which he got because of his resemblance to Jesus. Thaddeus, "the big-hearted," Simon, "to be zealous." From this point on, they, as a group, were no longer known as disciples or learners, the group had a nickname too, they were called "the twelve."

Jesus had looked at them and seen something unique. He identified a trait within them that He liked, one that struck a chord with him. There was something about each of them that brought joy to the Savior’s heart. Their nicknames may be an indication of why Jesus called them to begin with. The names He had for the twelve was born from His acceptance and admiration of them. Their nickname became transforming traits in their lives, ones which shaped their character and were key points of endurance in ministry.

If Jesus were to give you a nickname, what would it be? Before you answer, you might be tempted to single out a weakness, struggle or a shortcoming. That's not the way of Jesus. He doesn't call us something hurtful or demeaning. Rather, He sees in us what we don't see in ourselves. He sees in us the good things we suspect about ourselves, but have not dared to believe.



Begin by believing in Jesus’ love for you, what would He call you?