Mark 3:13-15

To Be With Him


Read: Mark 3: 13-15



Jesus’ call to discipleship is without exception. He said "let him who would be my disciple carry his cross and follow me." There were no shortcuts or easy ways, there was only a narrow way, which few enter. We are called to follow. and to follow we must be born again, renounce our selfish ways, turn our backs on ourselves, become childlike, be poor in spirit, weep to find comfort, and be in the world but not of it, cease from being caught up in foolish scandals and pointless struggles.

The call to discipleship frightens many people, this is because they think in terms of religion, they see only the demands without knowing what it offers, they miss the spirit in which following takes place.

The spirit of love, brings an ease, in following Jesus. The way of discipleship is not always easy, but there is always an ease to it. All our choices as followers of Jesus, are led by a supernatural peace and love which sweetens the struggle.

Those who are fully His, experience a happiness that lives beyond the emotions. Disciples know by experience that the yoke of the Lord is "easy and light," that we find in Him, rest for our soul and He comforts when weary and overburdened.

The most important aspect of the call is to be "with" Jesus. Our work is worthless without first being with Him. It's the most important part of any service. For His disciples, both then and now, power comes from our friendship "with" Him. For the twelve, their power to preach and cast out demons came from being "with" Jesus. So today, from intimate prayer, the continual feasting on His word, time spent in worship, comes the power to serve.



Have you been with Him today? Take some time to be in His presence and be filled anew, again, live from the power He supplies, for what He's called you to do.