Mark 3:13

Disciples Remember


Read Mark 3:13



Mark’s gospel is written by a disciple, for disciples. When the followers of Jesus in Mark’s day read, they remembered. What did the first Christians remember about Jesus? They remembered how He healed the sick, ministered to the broken-hearted, forgave sinners and demonstrated compassion. They remembered that people didn't want Him, not even the good; the religious were offended because He showed love for the long-shots and lost causes; that the heart of God was not revenge, but redemption and reconciliation. They remembered He was deserted by His friends, defeated by His enemies and despised by all powers of evil and how He suffered and died – a god-forsaken criminal’s death on a cross. They remembered the despairing cry of the psalmist on His lips as He shouted "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" They remembered His death. They also remembered the power that raised Him from the dead, conquering evil, sin and injustice. They remembered Jesus has risen and our circumstances are not the last word about ourselves and the world we live in. He has rescued us from the powers of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of light. He has disarmed the rulers and authorities and made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them. The first Christians knew there was opposition from the enemy, but they remembered the power of God which raised Jesus from the dead. As they remembered they found confidence to stay focused, to stay faithful. Remembering gives us hope for the future. God who has been present to protect, liberate and save, will do it again.



Before you start your day, quiet your spirit, focus your mind and remember His faithfulness, answered prayers, the many times He came through and how He saved you.