Mark 3:10,11,15

The Jesus Paradigm


Read: Mark 3: 10,11,15



Jesus lives in sharp contrast to the world in which we live. He always, in all ways, sought to help, heal, save and restore. His ministry was done not out of sympathy, pity or plain, human compassion. On the surface, Jesus’ ministry can look like a series of unrelated, random acts of humanitarian kindness, that is, until we see the unifying backdrop of all of His ministry, message and methods.

The common denominator of Jesus’ works were acts of war. Rather than running from evil, He ran toward good and evil, in fear, fled. The belief which undergirded Jesus’ ministry is the view that the enemy had illegitimately seized the world and was now causing havoc in the lives of individuals. This was the paradigm through which Jesus saw people and circumstances around Him.

In the gospel of Mark, everything about Jesus’ ministry shows us that He saw every feature of the world that was not in keeping with God’s all-good, created design, as being directly or indirectly the result of this invading presence. 

Jesus never once appealed to a mysterious reason as to why a person was maimed, diseased or deceased. In every instance, He came against such things as being by-products of a world gone berserk through the influence of the evil one. 

Jesus was not the least afraid of evil, rather, evil fears the Holy Power of Jesus and is subdued by it. Evil isn't safe in the presence of God. And this is the point for you and me, His disciples, evil isn’t safe in the presence of those who follow Christ.

Jesus got close enough for the spark of holiness to jump. He took fishermen, tax collectors and the demon-possessed and gave life back to them. Too often we treat sin as a flaw. We seldom see the presence of sin as bone-deep and creation-wide; it has ruptured our relationships. Sin needs more than a little fixing and theologizing. The heartbeat of Jesus is restoration and reconciliation of creation and ourselves. This is the meaning of the cross.



Stop blaming God and start trusting Him.