Mark 3:8-13

Under It!


Read Mark 3:8-13



Jesus was under pressure. Here in these verses He is surrounded by the sick, the ill, the demonized and the needy. The thousands are grabbing at Jesus, pressing in on Him to touch Him. There was wild disorder. Jesus was 100% God, but was also man and felt intense stress and strain. He understands the frantic, hectic, pressured lives we live. He knows full well that we are under it.

He understands our daily grind. Planning the week, paying bills, running a house, washing, cooking and cleaning. Doctor and dentist visits. Car pools, band practice, homework, shopping, sports, getting to meetings. Doing life with friends, spouse and children. Risking vulnerability to another only to be rejected. Sitting in traffic during rush hour watching the car in front of you sit through a green light. All while trying to live a life of faith.

Jesus, while ministering to the crowd, had a getaway boat standing ready to leave at a moment’s notice. How did He deal with the pressures of life? 


“Jesus went up into the hills.” Jesus withdrew to be alone. We need some silence and solace. We need a time and a place to reconnect with God.


Jesus prayed to His heavenly Father, if Jesus had to do this, how much more do we? We need prayer. What we are from day-to-day depends on what we receive from Him. Time spent exposing our heart to the love of the Father produces grace under pressure.


Jesus appointed the twelve; He shared His ministry with others. We need to share our tasks and give away our life to others. Having others to share the load with defuses the pressure.

Let’s follow His example.



Carve out time – for a few minutes each day the rest of this week, find a place of peace; sit in your car, take a walk, sit at the kitchen table before the family wakes up. 

Call out – ask for more of His presence. 

Crave – ask Him to help you to open up to others.